"On the last four projects we did together, he came up with some ideas that made me tons of money"
Jeff Lewis
Host of BravoTV's Flipping Out

Twice as Long Twice As Much

 Home Construction: What to Do, What not to Do is the road map homeowners need to help them avoid common and costly mistakes that too often plague building projects of the experienced and inexperienced alike. Whatever your plans, from a room extension to designing a compound, construction is always complicated and expensive. Jonathan Weston’s understated British sense of humor, extensive knowledge of classical and modern architecture, and four decades of dealings with every construction nuance under the sun make this convenient collection a must-read for anyone and everyone who has ever considered buying, building or remodeling a home.

About The Author

JONATHAN WESTON IS A LICENSED California architect. His journey to recent nationwide exposure on Jeff Lewis's Bravo TV show Flipping Out began with a university architectural and engineering education in Britain, courtesy of The Regent Street Polytechnic School of Architecture and The Royal College of Art. Weston set up his first architecture and interior design firm in London's trendy Notting Hill Gate Village. His team specialized in luxury apartment developments, high-end remodels, and interiors for international clients. Work took Weston to California when a renowned English composer invited him to create a home in the Hollywood hills. Weston's brand, JayDub, Inc., soon moved to the West Coast. After his TV debut, a plethora of television dealing with home improvement design have hit the air. But these "reality" shows largely gloss over the realities of home construction. With thirty-plus years of practical experience, Weston set out to rectify this lack of helpful knowledge by creating Twice As Long, Twice As Much

"After purchasing my first home a friend gifted me this book. It prepared me for the absolute unknown: home improvement projects! I now feel more confident and knowledgeable to jump into the pool--the pool-design project, that is!"
Jonathan Gavenda
"If we had read this book before we started remodeling, we would have saved not only a big amount of money but also a whole lot of aggravation."
Yogi & Monique Kern
"Be sure to read this book before you embark on a building or remodeling project - you will save time and money."
Shannon Quinn

Since 1997 I have specialized in designing and supervising the remodeling and construction of private homes in California; from 700 sq. ft. room additions to 7000 sq. ft. new construction, I will guide you through the difficult process from start to finish.